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Maintenance method of indoor led screen

Maintenance method of indoor led screen


1. Avoid scraping: when cleaning the screen, avoid water intrusion into the circuit board, resulting in short circuit. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the LED display as far as possible not to collide with hard objects, to avoid the threat to the LED display.

2. Keep dry: keep the product dry when using the indoor LED advertisement screen, and don't let the water containing articles and metal articles enter the LED screen. Avoid moisture that will erode the LED display component, thus causing indoor LED display damage and cannot be repaired.

3. Dust cleaning: Indoor LED display should be installed in the environment with better air circulation and less dust. It is also necessary to do routine maintenance work. Regular dust cleaning of indoor LED display screen can improve the display effect; the big dust particles will not only weaken the display effect, but also cause damage to the circuit of LED screen.

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